first discovered jazz while at school in the 1960’s, playing trumpet with the school band and later at university. During the 1970’s his musical involment turned to the classical guitar and lute as he developed a particular interest in the music of the 16th and 17th centuries, playing with several ensembles and singers.
Steve moved to the south west of England about 25 years ago and came into contact with musicians and bands playing in the New Orleans Style. Realising that this was the music in which his musical ’heart’ lay he devoted himself, increasingly, to the trum
pet, and formed the ’Downtown Galmington Cyncopators’ which quickly acquired an enthusiastic following. As his reputation grew, he was frequently asked to ’dep’ with other bands, such as ’The Panama Jazz Kings’, and, in 1996, became their regular trumpeter. The band has many fans throughout the U.K. and abroad, having toured in Holland and Sweden.

As a ’reading’ musician, Steve also plays lead trumpet with ’Des Bacon’s Red Hot Syncopators’ which specialises in the jazz and hot music of the 1920’s. He is also frequently to be seen at festivals and jazz clubs in the U.K. playing with ’Roger Well’s New Orleans Hot Shots’ and ’Roy Pellett’s Dixie Five’. At recent musical development has been the formation of ’Original Rags’, a partnership with the pianist Mike Denham with whom Steve plays both trumpet and mandolin in the repertoire of ragtime and jazz ’classics’.
In May 2004 Steve had the good fortune to play the Keswick Jazz Festival with ’New Orleans Delight’ and greatly ebjoyed the musical rapport established with these wonderfully sensitive musicians.