Dan Vernhettes

Born 20 May 1942 in Paris.
Discovered jazz and spirituals in the late fifties.
Self-taught, learned to play the horn watching the two cornets players of the High Society Jazz Band, Pierre Merlin and Claude Rabanit.
At first influenced by King Oliver, his interest gradually expanded to include most of the swing trumpets.
Most recently attracted especially by local New Orleans music.

o Founded the Jazz O' Maniacs in 1966, a group that is still legendary because it focused attention on classic jazz (the second revival).

o Cornettist and leader of Six Cats (1990-1993).

o Member of Eddy Louis's Multicolor Fanfare (1991-1993).

o Leader and second trumpet of Swing Feeling, a nine piece orchestra, founded in 1993, which plays the music of the thirties. One of the best European group in this style.

o Trumpettist, singer, leader of Vintage Jazzmen, a sextet that interprets the traditional music of New Orleans.

o Leads Brother D. Blue Band, a jump band, since 1998.

o Played with Albert Nicholas, Alfredo Espinoza, Willie Humphrey, Louis Metcalf, Freddy Moore, Jay Hawkins, Nancy Holloway, Spanky Wilson, Carol Cass, Tori, Willie Mabon, Derek Martin, Barry Martyn, Chris Burke, Wendell Eugene, Dennis Browne, Jacques Gauthé, Jamie Wright, Tommy Sancton, Bill Thomas...

The Sixties : various vinyl records on French and German labels.
1995 : CD Swing Feeling with Screamin' Jay Hawkins and Spanky Wilson (Frémeaux et Associés).
1997: CD Swing Feeling Live in Langen, Germany.
1998: CDs with Reverend Garrett, Brian Lewis and the Vintage Jazzmen. SUDE Volumes1 and II.
1999: Double CD Souvenir of the Jazz O'Maniacs on the Memories label with Albert Nicholas, Alfredo Espinoza...
CD Vintage jazzmen live at the Hot Club du Gâtinais.
CD New Orleans Jazz Through The World (Jazz Crusade).
2001 : CD GHB 438 Vintage Jazzmen in New Orleans.
2002 : CD Vintage Jazzmen + Tori : New Orleans Gospel, Frémeaux.
2003 : JCCD-3086 (Jazz Crusade) The Vintage Jazzmen with Jacques Gauthé, John Richardson, Malc Murphy in New Orleans.
2004 : CD Swing Feeling with Tori Robinson (JazzTrade)
2005 : CD Vintage Jazzmen : Messin Around (Frémeaux).
2006 : CD Vintage Jazzmen : Sing On, (SUDE).