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The George Lewis Society NL

Cliff "Kid" Bastien
A Review of His Publically Issued Recordings

Femoe Jazz Festival 2004

Nyfiken paa New Orleans

The Clarinet That Made History

Eberhard Kraut and the New Orleans clarinets

Kjeld's new Silver King clarinet

Mississippi Rag about the metal clarinet
Sounds of New Orleans - a series of discographies
HIGH SOCIETY. My Friends, the New Orleans Clarinettists
Hymn To George. George Lewis on record and tape
Where to buy our cd's in USA or Canada

Super friends:

The Rae Brothers New Orleans Jazz Band
The Hot Five Jazzmakers
Kid Dutch
Happy Pals
New Orleans Red Beans
Goeta River Jazzmen
Sweet Mary Cat
The Louisiana Shakers
Musik i Valstad
Ole Barfod Video
Vintage Jazzmen Of France

Køb musik på:
Where to buy your CD's:


Barnes & Noble
Blues Mart
Jazz by mail
Jazz Crusade
Jazzology - GHB - American Music
LAKE Records
Louisiana Music Factory
Louie’s Juke Joint Music Shop, New Orleans
Louisiana Jazz
Mosaic Records

Music Mecca
Nalles Tradjazz
Onino Music

Tops Group, New Zealand
Raymer Sound
Stomp Off Records
Timeless Music

Laes om jazz på:
Read about jazz in:

Geoff Boxell's CD-reveiws, New Zealand
The American Rag

The Jazz Gazette
The Mississippi Rag

Lyt til jazz:

Radio Jazz

Jazzsites med gode links:
Jazz sites with interesting links

All That Jazz
Dixieland Bands On Internet

Early Jazz Websites
Föreningen Tradjazzens Vänner
Hot House Malmoe
Liberty Hall
Links til trad.jazzband
List of Jazzlinks
JazzAdvocate Home Page
Jazzfestivals On Internet

Jazz Fyn - moderne jazz
Jazz Services - The Jazz Site
Jazz to Jazz
Traditional Jazz Bands On Internet

Andre nyttige sider:
Other useful sites:

All About Jazz
All That Jazz DK
Alt om New Orleans
Bunk Johnson

Burgundy Street Jazzclub NL

Caxton Street Jazz Band. AU
Colchester Jazz Club, UK
EMANUEL PAUL Site Officiel

Falkenberg Jazz- & Bluesförening S
Fritzel's Jazz Club, New Orleans
German Jazz
Goeta River Jazzmen
Great Jazz Club Linköping S
Gunnar Smedberg
Happy Jazz Club Storyville Fi
Jazz in Belgium
Jazz in Canada
Jazz in England
Jazz in Germany
Jazz in Japan
Jazz i Malmö
Jazz in Scotland
JazzHuset Vognporten

Jazz Photo Gallery
Jørgen Vad Lydteknik og CD-produktion

Kid Dutch and his Blusicians
Little Beat Records
Lørdagsjazzen i Roskilde
Norrie Cox Traditional New Orleans Jazz
Original JazzMakers
Photosite from Sveden
Præstø Jazz Klub
Pump House, Watford

SeaSide Jazzklub
Sydney-Zenith Jazz Band, AU

1066 Jazz Club, Hastings, UK
Tamworth Jazz Club
The Classic Jazz Society of Toronto
The Jazz Discography
The Rae Brothers New Orleans Jazz Band
The Unofficial Ken Colyer Homepage


Alingsås Jazzfestival S
Allinge Jazzfestival DK
Bude Jazzfestival GB
Femø Jazzfestival DK
Goethenburg Jazzfestival S
JazzHall Gorinchem NE
Jazz In Duketown NL
Keswick Jazzfestival GB
Lundbrunn Gladjazzfestival
Maribo Jazzfestiva DKl
Molde Jazzfestival N
New Orleans French Quarter Festival
Oslo Jazzfestival N

Riverboat Jazzfestival DK
Silda Jazzfestival N
Viking Jazz Festival, Roskilde
Whiterock Jazzfestival CA

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