New Orleans Delight
has been very popular ever since it was started in 1996 and has played numerous places in Denmark, Sweden, England, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Finland and last but not least on Bourbon Street in the birthplace of jazz, New Orleans.

There are a few bands in Europe that are attempting to remain true to the New Orleans Tradition as the New Orleans Delight is one of them. The band plays in a variety of the styles associated with old New Orleans. You will hear parade music, ragtime, Caribbean rhythms, dance hall tunes, blues and boogie. The band is also well-known for its interpretation of hymns and spirituals played with understanding and feeling.

New Orleans Delight is known for performing with the best soloists from all over the world, especially on tours in Scandinavia. For instance 
Derek Winters, one of the best New Orleans trumpeter in Europe,  Gregg Stafford (tp), directly from preservation hall in New Orleans, Brian Towers (tb) from Toronto, Canada, Lee Gunness (vo) from Australia and Marilyn Keller, the terrific gospel singer from Portland, USA.

The band has made more CDs with different foreign soloists, and live New Orleans Delight is a musical jazz experience every time.

The permanent bandmembers are: Jeppe Barker, trompet, Ole Olsen, clarinet, Erling Rasmussen, piano, Erling Lindhardt, banjo and Claus Lindhardt, drums, all from Denmark and from Sweden Bengt Hansson on trombone and Karl "Kalle" Kronqvist, bass.