Sorgenfri Church:
CD-Sampler Vol. 3
(2001 2002)
Music Mecca CD 4023-2

Jensens Jazz Serenaders with Brian Carrick
Lead Me Saviour
Old Rugged Cross
Royal Telephone

Max Lager’s New Orleans Stompers
The Pearly Gate
Over In The Gloryland

The Rae Brothers New Orleans Jazz Band
Cradle Song
Yes Lord I’m Crippled
I’m A Pilgrim
In The Sweet Bye And Bye

New Orleans Delight with Cliff 'Kid' Bastien and George Berry
San Antonio Rose
Jesus Is Calling
Rivers Of Babylon
Highways Are Happy Ways


This Sorgenfri CD Vol.3 contains more new live New Orleans music from jazz concerts held at Sorgenfri Church north of Copenhagen, Denmark.

From the very beginning the purpose of the Sorgenfri jazzconcerts has been to communicate the old New Orleans jazz to a greater audience and in this way ’helping to keep the Real Jazz alive’! The concerts should furthermore be seen as a tribute to the black musicians of New Orleans who created this lovely music at the turn of the century. Unfortunately, many of them were never recorded and consequently little is known of how the first jazz really sounded.

The inspiration for the bands on the Sorgenfri CD’s therefore first of all comes from the New Orleans Revival, which started in the early 40’es with the recordings made by the writer and authority on New Orleans jazz Bill Russell, and which includes the now legendary musicians like Bunk Johnson, George Lewis, Jim Robinson, ’Kid’ Thomas Valentine and many others. The Sorgenfri jazzconcerts are also a tribute to these musicians.

Thanks to the efforts of organist Levi Bæk the Sorgenfri Church has become a unique location for music. Without his help and great inspiration it would not have been possible to organize the jazzconcerts.

Finally, I would like to express my thanks to the bands and the musicians for their permission to use the music for the CD’s and to Henning Schädler, Music Mecca, for producing them.

Jensens Jazz Serenaders with Brian Carrick – 09.12.2001
After the success in September 1999 (two tracks on Vol.1) it was time for a new ”Clarinet Meeting” with Kurt Jensen and Brian Carrick. The instrumentation with two clarinets has been used and recorded before in the jazz history, however, the way Kurt and Brian played together at this second concert at Sorgenfri Kirke was ’second to none’. Like the first concert the band had Kurt’s wife Nan Ehrenstråle on bass and their daughter Nina Ehrenstråle on banjo and vocals. The multi-talented musician Erik Vand Hansen, who played drums at the first concert, had now changed to trombone and to complete the rhythm section the band this time had on drums the fine New Orleans
drummer Taff Lloyd from Britain now living in Denmark.

The selected tunes for the CD are all well known from the New Orleans repertoire. The opening number ”Lead Me Saviour” is a fine example of great ensemble playing not only between the two clarinettists but by the whole band. ”Old Rugged Cross”, one of the most popular religious hymns ever
written, is played with great tenderness by the two clarinettists followed by Nina’s beautiful singing. ”Royal Telephone” is another example of great ensemble playing by the two clarinettists and above you can hear very fine trombone playing and powerful drumming not to mention Brian Carrick’s singing. No doubt that the audience liked the band’s way of playing!

Max Lager’s New Orleans Stompers – 07.04.2002
Formed in 1979 the Max Lager Band is one of Scandinavia’s finest, playing New Orleans jazz in the style of ’Kid’ Thomas Valentine, Bunk Johnson and George Lewis. The band plays a lot in Denmark but it was the first time the band was playing at Sorgenfri Kirke. Simplicity, spontaneity and collective improvisations are the main characteristics. The name ”Max Lager” is the name of a non-existent person and leading character in a novel written by the writer and pianoplayer in the band, Ulf Albrektsson, who is also the organizer of the well known Gothenburg Jazz Festival.

’The Pearly Gate” has often been played by Max Lager’s but never recorded by the band. The melody is composed by the Norwegian-American Salvation Army officer Alfred Dulin. The old hymn ”Over In The Gloryland” was recorded already in 1927 by the famous Sam Morgan Band. On ”Ting-A-Ling” you can hear Anders Ekström play on his old C-Melody saxofon from 1923, i.e. older than the famous Sam Morgan recordings. All three numbers give in my
opinion a fine picture of the special ’Max Lager Sound’; the swinging and forceful playing!

The Rae Brothers New Orleans Jazz Band – 15.09.2002
Formed on Tyneside in the north east part of England in 1995, the Rae
Brothers Band has now achieved great popularity all over Britain and across Europe with their relaxed and tasteful New Orleans style of playing, as
influenced by the legendary trumpeter Bunk Johnson. The preliminary talks about the bands first tour to Denmark were made with Mac Rae when he joined the ’Algiers Stompers’ on their tour in September 2001.

Brahms ”Cradle Song” was the opening number at the concert and is also the first number by the Rae Brothers on this CD. Mac Rae on clarinet leads the band into this classic tune with his pure and beautiful tone. The opening
chorus of trumpeter Clem Avery on ”Yes, Lord I’m Crippled” clearly shows the influence of Bunk Johnson. ”I’m A Pilgrim” is the title of one of the bands CD’s – P.E.K. Sound PKCD 145. The number – being a country standard - is brought to the band by the bass player John Robinson and is now a regular part of the bands repertoire. ”In The Sweet Bye And Bye” is an old hymn, which was played by the George Lewis Band at the ’Jazz at Vespers’ concert at the Holy Trinity Episcopal Church in Oxford Ohio in 1954. No doubt that Rae Brothers are masters of ensemble playing. Their playing is simple and relaxed with the melody flowing between the frontline instruments, and the rhythm section lays down a solid beat which is so characteristic for New Orleans jazz.

New Orleans Delight with Cliff ’Kid’ Bastien (tpt) and George Berry (tenor sax) – 01.12.2002
New Orleans Delight was formed in 1996. The band now consists of half Danish and half Swedish musicians, but often the band is enlarged with a guest trumpetplayer. Of the two guests ’Kid’ Bastien was visiting Denmark for the first time, whereas George Berry has been here before as member of the Blount Band. However, the two guests have played together in the 1970s in Canada in ’Kid’ Bastien’s Camelia Jazz Band, and therefore their visit were a musical reunion for them. With the two guests in the band the whole line-up became like the great legend ’Kid’ Thomas Valentine’s different bands with a clarinet as well as a saxophone in the front line. During the visit the band played eleven gigs, five in Sweden and six in the Copenhagen area and all with great success.

For the tour ’Kid’ Bastien had brought a series of tunes along, of which several were unknown to the band. However, the band took up the challenge and in my opinion this contributed a lot to the overall success. ”Softly And Tenderly Jesus Is Calling”, composed in 1880 by Will L. Thompson, was one of the tunes the band had never played before. The melody is also published under the title ”For You And For Me”. The lovely hymn, played in waltz tempo, shows how great a singer ’Kid’ Bastien is. ”San Antonio Rose” was composed in 1940 by the fiddler Bob Wills, the King of Western Swing, and recorded several times with his band ’The Texas Playboys’. The tune was recorded by ’Kid’ Thomas in 1967. The Caribbean song and Rastafari influenced ”Rivers Of Babylon” was written and recorded in 1969 by the Jamaican Reggae band ’The Melodians’ and became a great hit. ”Highways Are Happy Ways”, composed in 1927 by Larry Shay, was the last number at the concert and shall also be the ending number on this CD. The famous ’Singing Cowboy’ Gene Autry sang the song in the movie ”Mountain Rhythm” from 1939. The selected tunes are all fine examples of how well the band was playing at the concert. The church concert was a great event with an audience of 400 people. During the whole tour one could feel the good atmosphere in the band and it was obvious that the two guests also enjoyed to play with the band.

Christian Westergaard
Søsum, February 2003

Jazzconcerts at Sorgenfri Church
A couple of years ago – it was at a social gathering at the ’Jensens Jazz Serenaders’ in Humlebæk – I met Christian Westergaard. We had a lengthy chat about his church concerts at the Sorgenfri Church. Very soon I realized that here was a real moving spirit.

He talked enthusiastically about his concerts at the Sorgenfri Church. At the time I knew nothing about the concerts apart from a notice in the daily papers under todays concerts. I invited him to ’Radio Jazz’, where he took part in the broadcast ’News from the Jazz Scene’. Ever since I’ve attended all the concerts in the church and met with Christian several times.

His choice of bands is certain. It’s the old jazz that is close to his heart. Despite all the work and all the stress at the concerts Christian sits up front rocking his feet deeply engaged in the music. His ’congregation’ is large, and at the last concert some 400 ’followers’ attended. There may be several vicars who wish they could fill their church just as well.

He makes sure that the audience feels at ease. The same goes for the musicians, who are extremely well taken care of. It takes a lot of his time and effort both before and after the concerts to ensure their success.

Now he has become his own recording director as well. In cooperation with ’Music Mecca’ he has released parts of the concerts on cd’s. Vol. 1 & 2 are out already and Vol. 3 will be released shortly. Buy them, listen to them, give them as presents, and tell everybody about them to ensure the continued
success of the concerts.

Egon Staniok, Contributor at Radio Jazz
February 2003

Review in

CD Title: Hymns & Spirituals - Sorgenfri Kirke - Volume 3
Year: 2003
Record Label: Music Mecca
Style: Traditional Jazz

Musicians: Jensen's Jazz Serenaders with Brian Carrick; Max Lager's New Orleans Stompers; The Rae Brothers New Orleans JazzBand; New Orleans Delight with Cliff "Kid" Bastien and George Berry.

Review: It seems that Music Mecca Records will continue their successful concerts at Sorgenfri Kirke (Free of Sorrow Church) near Copenhagen. Volume 3 sees the return of New Orleans Delight and Jensen's Jazz Serenaders. The newcomers are Britain's Rae Brothers New Orleans Jazz Band and Max Lager's Stompers from Sweden.

Kjeld Brandt and his crew always do a fine recording job at the church sessions and the enthusiastic audiences really enjoy the venue. The concerts on the new CD are from the period of December 2001 to December 2002 and perhaps we can look forward to Volume Four next year.

Jensen's Jazz Serenaders are a Danish outfit led by clarinetist Kurt Jensen with guest artist Brian Carrick. Carrick's duets with Jensen are inspired high-energy performances. Their romping version of Royal Telephone features some pyrotechnics by guest drummer, Taff Lloyd, one of my favorite rhythm men.

The Swedish band, Max Lager's New Orleans Stompers is named for a fictitious character created by novelist / pianist Ulf Albrekson. Active since 1979, the Max Lager band is exciting and faithful to the traditions of George Lewis and Kid Thomas Valentine. I enjoyed their fine version of Ting-a-Ling featuring Anders Ekstrom's C-Melody sax. The vintage instrument is seldom heard today.

The British entry on Volume 3 is the Rae Brothers New Orleans Jazz Band . This group features a front-end of trumpeter Clem Avery, trombonist Jim Blenkin and leader/clarinetist Mac Rae. They tackle a couple of unusual tunes in the form of Brahms Cradle Song and I'm a Pilgrim, a country favorite penned by Merle Travis.

The band that hosts the Sorgenfi Kirke concerts is Denmark's New Orleans Delight, one of the busiest little bands on the continent. Kjeld Brandt hosts guests from Canada in the form of George Berry and the recently deceased Cliff "Kid" Bastien. This session was the last recording by Bastien who passed on in February. His trumpet and vocals are featured on the hymn Jesus Is Calling and a novel version of the Caribbean pop hit Rivers Of Babylon . George Berry's tenor sax always adds spice to a tune. Berry and Bastien's partnership goes back many years. I'm awaiting further news from Music Mecca regarding the release of a CD featuring items from Bastien's final tour with New Orleans Delight.

Those who bought Volumes 1 and 2 shouldn't miss the new issue. It's happy music in the New Orleans tradition.

Tracks: Lead Me Savior; Old Rugged Cross; Royal Telephone; The Pearly Gate; Over In Gloryland; Ting-A-Ling; Cradle Song (Brahms); Yes Lord I'm Crippled; I'm a Pilgrim; In The Sweet Bye And Bye; San Antonio Rose; Jesus Is Calling; Rivers Of Babylon; Highways Are Happy Ways.

Reviewed by: Richard Bourcier

Geoff Boxell’s CD-reviews, New Zealand

MUSIC MECCA CD 4023-2, 2001, 14 tracks, 79:25 min

Lead Me Saviour, Old Rugged Cross, Royal Telephone, The Pearly Gate, Over In The Gloryland, Ting-A-Ling, Cradle Song, Yes Lord I’m Crippled, I’m A Pilgrim, In The Sweet Bye & Bye, San Antonio Rose, Jesus Is Calling, Rivers Of Babylon, Highways Are Happy Ways

Another wonderful collection of live recordings from the Sorgenfri Kirke jazz Church Concerts, this time 200-2003. These really are fun outings and one day I have promised myself that I will be there in person rather than joining in via my CD player.
As always: live recordings are not the same as studio ones. The only faults are the occasional moment with an ‘off mike’ instrument and the fact that some singers appear to be using a mike set up for instrument rather than voice and thus down on volume and rather ‘bass’ in tone. But …. whatever is lacking in balance is more than made up for in enthusiasm and ambiance.
So, just who is on volume 3? Jensen’s Jazz Seranders with Brian Carrick provide tracks 1-3, Max Larger’s New Orleans Stompers, 4-6, The Rae Brothers’ New Orleans Jazz Band 7-10, with New Orleans Delight featuring Cliff ‘Kid’ Bastien and George Berry bring up the rear and playing track 11-14
As on Volume One Kurt Jensen and Brian Carrick weave their clarinet magic and present us with a sound that is too rarely heard in traditional jazz circles. As an aside: Kurt’s wife, Nan, is on bass & their daughter, Nina, on banjo and vocals.
Max Lager’s New Orleans Stompers are said to play in the style of ‘Kid’ Thomas Valentine, though with his trumpet phrasing Bo Erisson has a touch of the Ken Colyer’s to him too. Their rendition of ‘The Pearly Gate’ surprised me as, for the first time I can recall, we have a Swedish band singing in their own tongue rather than English. Very tantalising as you can almost understand them, but not quite: rather like when I visited Liverpool for the first time in 1967 and found that the bus conductor and I couldn’t quite understand each other.
I must confess ignorance of The Rae Brothers New Orleans Jazz Band. My only excuse is that they are well north of the Wash, let alone Watford or my own border of the Thames. I was most impressed with these rather distinguished silver haired Geordies and as the sleeve notes say they have CDs issued I must track them down to buy one.
New Orleans Delight have done another chameleon act and with Kid Bastien and George Berry in their front line, changed their sound completely. The result is more mellow and relaxed than usual. These boys continually astound me with their ability to ‘borrow’ a trumpeter and then adjust their style to fit around the said trumpeter and sound as if they have all been playing together for years. This time, in addition to Kid on trumpet, they have George on tenor sax and still manage to pull it off with aplomb. This was especially amazing when you read that most of the tunes they play on this CD are ones that Kid had just introduced them to.
If you love jazz, and even better if you also love The Lord, then buy the Sorgenfri CDs. Of course the best thing would be to go to Denmark, attend the jazz service and then buy the CDs.

Geoff Boxell

The Jazzgazette

... And then, last but not least, New Orleans Delight with Cliff 'kid' Bastien and George Berry. On another place in this issue of The Jazzgazette, we will talk in full length about their full CD which was recorded in a more secular place. I think we can be more than happy with Kjeld's initiative to get Kid Bastien (again) to Europe. Not for the first time like we said in the last edition of this magazine, but this was Cliff's second visit to Europe since he moved to Canada many years ago. Also Christian and Jörgen have to be praised for their tenacity to convince Cliff that something of his passage in Sweden and Denmark had to be recorded and released on CD.
'Rivers Of Babylon', known from a.o. Boney M, gets the Kid Bastion treatment, or should I say the New Orleans treatment. 'Highways Are Happy Ways' has been recorded in some long ago days by the Barry Martyn band for 77 records and was seemingly a Kid Rena favourite.
In a few words, we can state that is a CD that can be wholehartly recommended to everybody who loves New Orleans music.

Jempi De Donder

The American Rag
November 2003

New Orleans Jazz – Sorgenfri Kirke
Hymns and Spirituals Vol. 3

(Music Mecca CD 4023-2)

This CD is another example of the Dane’s love of the ”Uptown” New Orleans style of traditional jazz. It contains excerpts from several concerts held at the Sorgenfri church, near Copenhagen bertween December 2001 and December 2002.
I have often written about the New Orleans Delight; one of the best traditional style bands playing today. On this session they were joined by the late trumpeter Cliff ”Kid” Bastien (from Toronto) and his pal, saxophonist George Berry, who now lives in England. Combined with leader Kjeld Brandt’s fine clarinet, the band plays some of the best music on this CD.
If you like the style, this one you shouldn’t miss.

- Art Stone

New Orleans Music
Incorporating Footnote
March 2004

The four tracks by New Orleans Delight with Cliff ’Kid’ Bastien (trumpet & vocal) and George Berry (tenor sax) are an absolute revelation, being very exciting and so near to the spirit of many Kid Thomas bands that, personally, I’m going to seek out more CDs by the late lamented ’Kid’. Throughout their tracks the band exudes and intensity that’s infectious and a ’bounce’ that must have been the envy of all other quast-New Orleans bands that heard them. On San Antonio Rose (an odd title for a church session!) for example, the instinctive interplay between the eight men is nothing short of miraculous. They achieve a unity of purpose that is more normally only the province of aggregations that have been together for years. Kid Bastien’s subtle interchanging between open and derby mute work is highly emotive and adds lovely tonal variety whilst George Berry’s tenor playing is so reminiscent of the best of Captain Handy that you just have to hear it. It’s all great stuff.
A CD like this could convince me to become a regular church goer but sadly they don’t have music like this where I live ….

- Brian Harvey

New Orleans Music
5 Melbourne Close
St. Albans, Herts AL3 6LY

Phone 01 727 765 193

Mail from Canada

My dear B.B. Kjeld, many many thanks for new cd. Your band just gets better ... this one with our dear friend and deeply missed C. Bastien, which I shall treasure, always is even more special ... and the others, all very enjoyable. If I only lived over THERE, where I could here the "Real Thing", so few "old time style" bands over here.
Nearly all, are of the Condon swingy, no ensemble type ... sad ... too bad the original, rich and beautiful tones were so changed over the years.
I am listening now to you playing "Rivers of Babylon", a remarkable choice, never before heard by me, other than as a church hymn, on organ, and this shows your wonderful execution of little known tunes. To even research and FIND some of these lovely songs and hymns proves your unending search for new material (even if it is actually OLD material, not heard!!!).
Once again dear friend, and Cliff's pal ... best to you, take care in these sad world times. Keep people happy with your music.

Richard Luker. (in snowy Canada)