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Church Concerts '99
Femø Church
Holmstrup Church
Sct. Nicolaj Church

Femø Church August 7, 1999
1. Mary Wore A
Golden Chain 4:15
2. Lead Me Savior 5:44
3. My Curley Headed
Baby 3:48
4. Does Jesus Care 6:48
5. Lead Me, Guide Me 3:40

Kjeld Brandt (cl)
Kristian Barfoed (tb)
Göran Magnusson (piano)
Erling Lindhardt (bjo)
Karl Åke Kronqvist (b)
Claus Lindhardt (dm)

Holmstrup Church September 19, 1999
6. Lily Of The Valley 5:55
7. Precious Lord 6:54
8. Just A Little While To Stay Here 7:01
9. What A Friend We Have In Jesus 7:18

Norbert Susemihl (tp/voc**)
Kjeld Brandt (cl)
Kristian Barfoed (tb/voc*)
Hans Petersen (piano)
Erling Lindhardt (bjo)
Stefan Kärfve (b)
Claus Lindhardt (dm)

Sct. Nicolaj Church March 28, 1999
10. In The Sweet Bye And Bye 5:19
11. Sing On 5:20
12. The Old Rugged Cross 6:16
13. This Little Light Of Mine 6:36

Norbert Susemihl (tp/voc**)
Kjeld Brandt (cl)
Kristian Barfoed (tb)
Göran Magnusson (piano)
Erling Lindhardt (bjo)
Ernst Hansen (b)
Claus Lindhardt (dm)

Total playing time: 75:03

Live recordings and digital sound processing: Kjeld Brandt.
Mastering: Jørgen Vad
Music Mecca CD 3019-2

Liner notes

the New Orleans Delight jazz band with guests...
The music on this CD is a selection from three different church concerts recorded during 1999. The first five numbers were recorded at the Femø Church in early August during the yearly Femø Jazz Festival. The remaining eight numbers are from two other church concerts, one at the Holmstrup Church, Jyderup and the other one at the Sct. Nicolaj Church, Nakskov recorded in September and March respectively.

All three recordings were made with a 'simple' DAT stereo recorder and with only one stereo microphone, but even with these technical limitations this CD - and I'm sure you will agree - gives a good presentation of the band and its special sound. In my opinion, the CD also confirms that the band keeps improving all the time and is coming closer to capture the magic of the
New Orleans Music.

the guests...
None of the three concerts were made with the normal band line-up. However, all the guests, who joined the band during these concerts, have been playing regularly with the band and are therefore familiar with its sound and repertoire. Furthermore, the piano player at two of the concerts, Göran Magnusson, Hjo/Sweden, has been a permanent member of the band since the beginning of this year, which in my opinion has been a welcome addition to the band.

Compared to the normal line-up Ernst Hansen was replaced by Karl Åke Kronqvist, Sweden at the Femø concert and by Stefan Kärfve, Sweden at the Holmstrup concert. Göran Magnusson was replaced by Hans Petersen at the Holmstrup concert.

While the Femø concert was made by the normal six-piece band the two other concerts included Norbert Susemihl, Germany/DK on trumpet. Norbert played with the band for the first time during a job at the Guldfisken, Køge about two years ago. Since then he has played with the band on several occasions. Although Norbert is a relative young player - born in 1956 - he is a very experienced trumpet player particularly within the New Orleans style music as he lived in New Orleans for 3-4 months each year during the late 70s and most of the 80s. During these periods he was in daily contact and played with the last living old-style musicians like Kid Thomas Valentine, Louis Nelson, Percy and Willie Humphrey to name just a few. Recently Norbert has started to play the flugelhorn and on some of the tunes on this CD you can hear how beautiful it sounds!

the Femø concert...
The beautiful ballad 'Mary Wore A Golden Chain' is a fine opener and from the first note you can recognize the special sound of the band. The number starts with fine solos by Kjeld Brandt and Kristian Barfoed well backed up by the piano and the rhythmsection with fine drumming by Claus Lindhardt. 'Lead Me Savior' starts as a solo for clarinet then moves into ensemble and later features Karl Kronqvist in a fine bass solo. The beautiful traditionel lullaby, 'My Curley Headed Baby' is played with great tenderness by Kjeld. The hymn 'Does Jesus Care' gives us an example of the intense piano played by Göran Magnusson as well as Erling Lindhardt's fine banjo playing and once again it features Karl Kronqvist in a fine solo. In 'Lead Me, Guide Me' the band, in my opinion, has captured the relaxed sound of a New Orleans band playing sacred music.

the Holmstrup concert...
'Lily Of The Valley' features in a fine way Kristian on the album's first vocal with the character of his own. The number also features Stefan Kärfve on dynamic slap-bass. The next number 'Precious Lord' was composed by Thomas A. Dorsey, also known as Georgia Tom, when he recorded with Ma Rainey on piano in the 20s. The number starts with a beautiful solo by Norbert Susemihl, who also delivers the vocal. 'Just A Little While To Stay Here' is one of the New Orleans standard as many of the numbers on this CD and once again we hear Norberton vocal.
However, the whole band is playing so well. 'What A Friend We Have In Jesus' starts with a long and beautiful solo by Norbert playing the flugelhorn. The number also features Hans Petersen on piano. Hans is a fine and very expierenced piano player, however, during this concert he had to play on an el-piano as no 'real' piano was available.

the Nakskov concert...
Comparing the sound from the three churches the Sct. Nicolaj Church, Nakskov must be ranked above the others. This magnificent church 'produces' a sound which leads the thoughts to the famous "Jazz at Vespers" concert with the George Lewis Band at the Holy Trinity Episcopal Church in Oxford Ohio in 1954. Hopefully the band will be invited again some day for another concert and recording. 'In The Sweet Bye And Bye' is an old revivalist hymn, which was played at the "Jazz at Vespers" concert. Here it is played very beautifully by the band and with great respect for how it was played by the old masters. 'Sing On' is another hymn, which was recorded back in 1927 by the famous Sam Morgan Band and again in 1962 by the Kid Howard Band. The way it is played here leaves great respect for the band. Everyone in the band is playing at their best and Erling's steady banjo playing keeps the rhythm going throughout the whole number. 'The Old Rugged Cross' features Norbert on flugelhorn and again Erling's dynamic banjo playing can be heard. 'This Little Light Of Mine' ends the CD with vocal by Norbert and with great response from the audience as can be heard. I was present at two of the three concerts and I am very pleased to be part of the production of this CD. From the beginning I could feel the good atmosphere in the band and to me it was obvious that the different guests also liked to play with the band at these concerts. This is a CD of fine and beautiful music, which I can highly recommend to all lovers of New Orleans music.

- Christian Westergaard, Søsum


Geoff Boxell’s CD-reviews, New Zealand


CD 3019-2 Music Mecca 1999, 13 tracks 75 minutes

When Kjeld Brandt of New Orleans Delight knew I had a copy of this CD he asked me not to review it as it was an older recording done live, and the band is so much better now. Terribly sorry old chap, as we POMs say: 'Tough titty'.

Within the church there are many different persuasions of church service and music from the simplicity of Catholic and Orthodox chants to the complexities of the High Anglican even song using the English coral tradition, from the old style Baptist metrical psalm singing to the simple verses favoured by many of the independent congregations. So where does New Orleans delights gospel music fit in? Well evangelical rather than Pentecostal I think.

Ok Kjeld, so the sound and balance is far from perfect at times, and, yes, a bit raucous in parts, but it moves man, it moves. So, if you are prepared to relax and let the spirit take you, just swing and sway to the glory of God.

These tracks are from three 1999 sessions in Femo, Holmstrup and St Nicolaj Churches with a variation in the band's line up from one session to another. Two of the sessions have Norbert Susemihl guesting on trumpet.

Music Mecca say that stocks of this CD are low and that it will not be re-issued, so you will have to get in quick for this moving and fun CD. Fun? Well worshipping the Lord the New Orleans delight way sure is!

- Geoff Boxell

Harry Arnold-sällskapets
Stand By 47
Nummer 1 – 2002 – Årgång 12

New Orleans Delight
Church Concerts ’99
Music Mecca CD 3019-2

”Alla danskar spelar dixie”, påstod ju Christer Boustedt i filmen ”Sven Klangs kvintett”.
Nåja, inte alla. Men en hel del. Och de gr det som regel med mer hjärta än ofta puristiska, svala svenskar.
Här är i kyrkomiljö ”New Orleans Delight” i George Lewis/Sammy Rimington-tonanda, fast med etr riktigt fyrkantigt ”stensättarbanjo”-komp.
I några nummer medverkar utomordentlige tyske trumpetaren Norbert Susemihl, numera ibland även på flügelhorn, Annars är det klarinettisten Kjeld Brandt och i någon mån trombonisten Kristian Barfoed, som drar lasset.
Två pianister förekommer, dels svenske Göran Magnusson från Hjo, dels Hans Pedersen. Vid basen står vid de tre inspelningarna tre olika bassister. De är vikarierande malmöiterna Kalle Kronqvist och Stefan Kärfve samt ordinarie dansken Ernst Hansen. Trumslagaren är genomgående Claus Lindhardt.
Gennomgående är pianot underinspelat lite mycket som trummorna dominerar.
Gillar du den här sorten är det absolut inga bortkastade pengar att köpa skivan. Banjoallergiker avrådes!

– Ulf Åbjörnsson

Stand By
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233 33 Svedala

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