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Swingin' Copenhagen '98
Opening Concert
New Orleans Delight

1. Don't Give Up The Ship 5:47
2. Say Si Si 5:28
3. Magic Is The Moonlight 5:26
4. Sing On 4:50
5. Pretend 5:21
6. Mama Inez 3:02
7. You Always Hurt The One You Love 6:57
8. Panama 5:10
9. Tishomingo Blues 5:18
10. I Can't Escape From You 4:27
11. I Don't See Me In Your Eyes Anymore 4:58
12. Tulane Swing 6:46

Total playing time: 63:37

Ken Pye (trumpet)
Kjeld Brandt (clarinet)
Kristian Barfoed (trombone)
Erling Lindhardt (banjo)
Annie Hawkins (bass)
Claus Lindhardt (drums)

Live recording from a concert at the Odd Fellow Palæet, Copenhagen, May 28th 1998.
Digital sound processing: Kjeld Brandt
Mastering: Jørgen Vad
Produced by: Henning Schädler
Liner notes: Christian Westergaard
Design and DTP: Kjeld & Sabine Brandt
Cover photo: Barbara Jakobsen
Inside photos: Dianne Pye / Barbara Jakobsen
Music Mecca CD 2066-2

Liner notes
In my opinion this cd - recorded live - is a must for all true New Orleans jazz lovers, who - as I - have grown up with old masters like George Lewis, Jim Robinson, De De Pierce not forgetting Kid Thomas Valentine.
The band who is playing is the relative new Danish New Orleans band "New Orleans Delight" and for this occasion they had as special guests from England - Ken Pye on trumpet and Annie Hawkins on bass.
The band was invited to play the 1st half of the opening concert at the Swingin' Copenhagen Jazzfestival in the Odd Fellow Palæet. The same hall where so many big jazz events took place in the old revival days back in the early fifties.
Who could believe that a band brought together for the first time could play with such a spirit and drive. However, from the first note you could feel the good atmosphere in the band, and it continued through the entire opening concert. The spirit and good performance went on for the next three days, where the band had jobs at Dirk's Pub in Farum, J.F. Kennedy Pub in Hillerød and Cafe Rex in the city of Copenhagen.

how the band got together.....
Annie Hawkins was already well known to the band through her many visits to Denmark. She actually played with Kjeld Brandt at the Swingin' Copenhagen Jazzfestival 1997.

Ken Pye, on the other hand, was first introduced to the band about one year ago through his "Whitewater Session" with Sammy Rimington on PEK Sound and some recordings on the Jazz Crusade label. Kjeld met him and his band for the first

time at the Bude Jazz Festival 1997. We - who joined the Bude Jazz Festival - all got hooked on the uncompromising way the band was playing the New Orleans music dedicated to the style of the great Kid Thomas band. So when the Swingin' Copenhagen Jazzfestival asked "New Orleans Delight" to play at the opening concert and for this session form a band with some guests from England the choice was very easy - who could it be but Annie and Ken!

the band.....
"New Orleans Delight" - a five-piece band - was formally formed in 1996 by very experienced musicians who wanted to play New Orleans jazz as played by the George Lewis and Jim Robinson bands in the 1940s and 1950s. Their music is relaxed and the sound of the band is very different from most New Orleans style bands in Denmark. The band: Kjeld Brandt (clarinet), Kristian Barfoed (trombone), Erling Lindhardt (banjo), Ernst Hansen (bass) and Claus Lindhardt (drums). For these sessions Ernst Hansen was replaced by Annie Hawkins.

the music.....

The tunes are a fine mix of ballads, stomps, hymns, Cuban songs etc. and they are all good. All tunes were originally recorded by some of my favourite bands from New Orleans. There's De De's Magic Is The Moonlight and Say Si Si, Pretend and I Don't See Me In Your Eyes Anymore from the Kid Thomas Band. Ken was leader of the band on the opening night concert and he also made the announcements of the tunes, which he did with great charm and good humour. It was obvious already from the first tune that Annie was the 'dynamo' in the band. With her smile and calls she pushed the band forward. I have never seen her play with such drive before!
The audience at the concert was very appreciative and gave the band a standing ovation at the end of the session. So enjoy this album of New Orleans jazz. You'll not hear anything much better.
The music here is just the way it happened on the night - no second takes. Thank you for the music, Annie, Ken and "New Orleans Delight" and thank you for leaving the notes to me.

- Christian Westergaard, Søsum (June 1998)
Member of the Swingin' Copenhagen Committee.

Excerpt of a letter from Ken Pye ...
We arrived home safely late Monday evening but I havn't come down from the clouds as yet. What a marvellous time we had due to you, your friends & wives, the band and the wonderful fans in Copenhagen. It's always strange playing with a band for the first time and I didn't really know what to expect. After the first few notes I knew everything was fine, and after thirty minutes or so it seemed we had been playing together for the last twenty years or so. I know you thought I was being over kind when I often mentioned how 'knocked-out' I was with the sound, but I really did mean these things as it was a wonderful experience playing with musicians who played my kind of jazz.
I've been listening to the tape and am impressed with it. Some of the tunes send a shiver up my back and listening to the likes of You Always Hurt and I Don't See Me bring me out in a rash!

- Ken Pye, 5.6.98

Reviews of the opening concert at the
Swingin' Copenhagen Jazzfestival:

"A fine experience in the stately Odd Fellow Palæet. The new Danish band "New Orleans Delight" formed by five very experienced musicians gave the festival a good start. For the occasion the band was backed up by two of the most experienced musicians from England; Ken Pye on trumpet and Annie Hawkins on bass."

- Jesper Olesen, Jyllands-Posten

"The focus for the opening concert was concentrated on the music which started in New Orleans at the turn of the century and which especially became popular in Europe in the 1950s and 1960s. Tunes like Magic Is The Moonlight, Pretend and You Always Hurt The One You Love were played in a steady and muted tempo and they stood well. Ken Pye is a fine musician and Kjeld Brandt on clarinet played with a soft and beautiful vibrato. However, Annie Hawkins kept the troops together with ingeniously incessant "slap-bass" virtuosity."

- Kjeld Frandsen, Berlingske Tidende