Photo: © Erik Lund
Kjeld Brandt

Started taking classical piano lessons 7 years old. Got jazz-musically aroused in the mid-fifties when he heard a concert on the radio with George Lewis' Ragtime Jazzband. Got his first clarinet when he was 16, and started soon after playing with The Savoy Jazzband in Nexø on Bornholm. Did his military service playing flute in The Royal Life Guards Drum Corps. Played for some years in various 'cosy-bands', until he joined Peter Nissens Pick-up Band in the beginning of the seventies. When he for the first time heard Sammy Rimington live, the true values of New Orleans music struck him. Started Storyville Jazzband in 1980.

In 1996 time was in for a change and Erling Lindhardt and Kjeld got together and started NOD.

Visiting many English jazz-festivals Kjeld has played as a guest soloist with Kid Bastien Remembered, Happy Pals and Sunset Café Stompers and has sat in with numerous good bands such as The Ken Colyer Trust Band, Taff Lloyds Ragtime Serenaders, Panama Jazz Kings, Algiers Stompers, Rae Brothers Jazzband,The Blount Band and Preservation Hall Jazzband.

Kjeld have recorded as a soloist with Jack McLaughlin from Australia and French Preservatiobn Jazz Band from Lyon.

Kjeld considers switching to the Albert system in order to 'simplify' his playing even more, and to get the 'real New Orleans-Sound' on his instrument.