Photo: © Erik Lund
Erling Lindhardt, tenorbanjo
(Paramount Aristocrat).

Erling was born April 28th 1939 and the banjo in 1928.
First job as a pro was with Little Mads' NO Band at Marianelund Inn in North Sealand, the salary per man was put at DKK10 for a 4 hours job, but due to 3 hours overtime, the total fee was DKK17. For a 15 years old it was a fortune. Little Mads' New Orleans Band played in the fifties, often in Nyhavn and especially in Cap Horn, with bandmembers counting Peter Aller, Finn Wellejus and Leif Andreasen. When Albertslund Jazzclub was started in the mid sixties, the band started over, but now with Papa Dib on trombone, and under the name 'The Albertslunders'. This band existed for 5 years. Around 1970 after having played with Søren Houlinds Copenhagen Ragtime Band for a year, Basse Seidelin phoned Erling and offered a job with Ib Lindschouws NO-Band, and he played with this band until 1979. As Papa Dib joined the band and Ib Lindschouw was substituted with Claus Lauesen on drums, the band's name was changed to Papa Dibs Jazzband, consisting to begin with, besides the two aforementioned, of Egon 'Trumpeterson', Peter Sten on clarinet, Jan Feldthusen on piano, Ernst Hansen on bass and Erling Lindhardt on banjo. With different band-members, but with Papa Dib, Peter Sten Ernst Hansen and Erling Lindhardt as regulars, the band played up to 1999 with base in among other venues 'The Three Musqeteers' and 'The Goldfish' in Køge. After 42 years Erling and the banjo went back to the roots and the George Lewis music when joining NOD in 1996.