Photo: © Erik Lund
Claus Lindhardt

Encouraged by his music teacher in school, who meant that Claus had rhythm-talent, he began at an early age taking drum-lessons in a music-school, and joined after a couple of years a local harmony-band, performing frequently thus getting a good training in reading notes. Later during his teens, he played soft mainstream-rockmusic with his friends, until he in 1981 joined the heavy rockband NRG, which became the 'in-house' band in 'Ungdomshuset' on Jagtvej, and in the legendary Barbue in 'Huset' in Magstræde. From 1990 to 1998 he was percussionist in the salsa-group Pedro y su Son, playing timbales and congas, and got a thorough understanding for the way this kind of music is built up over 2 beats, (called clave), which are the pillars of Latin-American music, and also can be found in New Orleans jazzmusic. Claus joined NOD in1997 where things really gathered speed for the band. He had brought the love for New Orleans jazzmusic with him from his home as a child, where George Lewis' records never left the turntable, and it is maintained by NOD's many good jobs, and by studying the old giants like Baby Dodds, Cie Frazier and Joe Watkins.