Bjarne Emilo died
unexpectedly the 26th of December 2004.

(born Andersen, 29.06.1946), self-taught trombonist, started on trumpet in 1962 but changed a year later to trombone. His musical career got a head start when the succesful Danish Jazz band Kardinalerne in late ’65 needed a trombone player. The cooperation with Kardinalerne continued to 1975. A major event in this period was accompanying the clarinet player Albert Nicolas, known from King Oliver’s legendary band.

Around 1969-70 an alliance was made between Kardinalerne and the English clarinetist and George Lewis interpreter, Sammy Rimington, centered around Jazzhouse Tagskægget in Århus. When Sammy later returned to England, Bjarne followed him and stayed 6 months in London, playing with Sammy’s band around the UK. He also recorded an LP with the band.

After his visit to England, Bjarne continued playing with Kardinalerne. In this period the band accompanied among others Alton Purnell (piano), Wild Bill Davison (tp), Gene ”Mighty Flee” Connors (tb) og Bud Freeman (sax). In the early 70’es Bjarne further joined Keith Minter’s Olympia Band. 1975 Bjarne formed his own band, Bjarne Basuns Jazzband, in which he included the well-known bass player Jesper Lundgaard.

Between 1993-95 Bjarne joined Gentlemen of Jazz. From 1995 to 2001 he was the regular trombonist in Doc Houlind All Stars. Here he recorded 7 CDs with among others the gospel singers John Boutté and Topsy Chapman and also the pianist Bill Buchman.
On numerous tours Bjarne has accompanied excellent present New Orleans trumpeters, such as Nicholas Payton and Leroy Jones. Among other American soloists he has played with the virtouso banjo player Cyntia Sayer from the filmmaker Woody Allen’s band.

Summer 2001 Bjarne and Hot & Blue Four formed Hot & Blue Jazzband. In 2002 Bjarne revived Swing Kings with among others Hans Mydtskov ( t. sax) and the former leader of Radiojazzgruppen Jørgen Borch (piano). In relation to his 40 years jubilee as a jazz trombonist in 2003, Bjarne created yet another band, Bjarne Emilo Jazzband.

From the start of 2005 Bjarne should become the regular trombonist in New Orleans Delight. We played together December 21st and
everybody were looking forward to carry out the many plans we had for the future. It shouldn't happen that way.

The New Orleans music in Denmark is so much poorer without Bjarne.