Stefan Kärfve

started out playing banjo in local bands during the fifties, and switched to tuba in 1963.
Played with Scaniazz 1973-85. The first year on trombone, and after that on tuba. Scaniazz toured frequently, and performed at most festivals and jazz-clubs in Europe, and in 1982 at The New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival. The band recorded 4 LP's of which 3 for the American Stomp Off Records.
Stefan was also a member of The Absalon Orchestra until 1985, and depped several times during the same period with Peruna Jazzmen, and joined Thomas Örnbergs Blue Five as a guest when recording for Stomp Off Records.
Bought his first string-bass in 1985 and played with among others Hot House Jazzmen, and Traditional Feetwarmers until the beginning of the nineties.
Started and joined the Boulevard Sextet in 1991. Joined also Storyville Jazzband, Dansk-Svensk Jazzforsyning and Ib K. Olsens Jazzfriends in the late nineties.
Plays now with as well Brede Big Band, Kärfves Trio as Swing Guitars. Started to play with New Orleans Delight summer 2000.
Stefan loves the variation the the early NO-bass-players, shows when playing, either dragging bow-style or vigorous slap-style.

Photo: © Erik Lund