"The Mississippi Rag" (www.mississippirag.com) is a monthly American periodical dedicated to traditional jazz and ragtime. Each issue contains news of upcoming festivals & concerts, CD & book reviews and articles & photos of today's jazz scene but also of the 'good old days' with special articles & photos like the one published in the April 2002 issue about 'The Very Rare Metal Clarinet', an instrument very often used in the past by famous jazz clarinetists such as George Lewis, Lester Young, Don Murray a.o. and today used once again by jazz musicians like Ryoichi Kawai of Japan, Nick Polities and Jack McLaughlin of Australia, Dr. Jim Searson, Penn Pengelly, Gordon Hunt and Brain Carrick of England, Paul Harrison and Kjeld Brandt of Denmark, Juergen Vieregge and Fraenzis Stuhler of Germany, Dr. Fabio Palchetti of Italy and Louis Siankope of Zimbabwe/Africa. With their old metal clarinets they recall a former jazz age."

- Eberhard Kraut

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