We regret to inform that we have received the following from Göran:

For almost five years I have played piano in a very fine band, New Orleans Delight. These five years have given me extremely much, and my piano-playing has improved in a way, that I didn’t think was possible.
I have had the opportunity playing with musicians holding a very high class within New Orleans music, and the soloists guesting the band, are among the best to be found, what else can you say about Cliff Bastien, Norbert Susemihl, Derek Winters, George Berry, Chris Tyle, and not least the wonderful singer Kirstin Lomholt.
For a long period my good friend Christian Westergaard together with my band-leader Kjeld Brandt had worked to bring over Cliff Bastien from Canada, which also succeeded. Together with New Orleans Delight to perform with Cliff is, and will probably remain my musical climax.
However New Orleans Delight is now a concluded chapter in my life. The reasons for me to finish are solely my own, but I guarantee, that it is five years of my musical life, I’ll absolutely not be without.
I wish the band the best of luck in the future.
- Göran Magnusson

Fortunately we are in a period with fewer gigs, and we will as soon as possible try to fill the great gap that Göran’s withdrawal from the band will result in. We would like to take the opportunity to thank Göran for his always jointly effort to develope the band to what it is today.